Changing Parenting

Positive Parenting
3 to 6 year olds

Stop feeling overwhelmed and

Become the parent you want to be!

  • Get your child to cooperate without using threats, bribes, punishments, rewards or screaming
  • Parent from love and connection instead of fear and distance
  • Learn how to impose firm limits while being kind, empathic and supportive
  • Guide your child through challenging behaviour by teaching them healthy ways to deal with their emotions, with long lasting effects
  • Have a more peaceful and relaxed home
  • Create a long-lasting connection based on trust and support, so your child always feels safe coming to you first in case they are in trouble as they grow
  • Support your child’s social emotional learning, giving them life skills that will help them throughout their whole life
  • Increase your child’s self-worth and self-compassion
  • Learn the importance of being an imperfect parent and why being a good parent 51% of the time is already awsome!
  • Receive non-judgemental support and connect with other parents that are all imperfect and doing the best they can
Hi, I’m Cristina,

an imperfect parent just like you….

I know how hard it is not to loose my temper, how it is to feel like I am a bad mother, how overwhelming it is to deal with other people’s judgement and opinions. I know because I am also a parent, because I am also an imperfect human, we all are.

And let me tell you, being a parent is not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best you can 51% of the time! And with a little bit of help you can become the parent you want to be and raise your child through love and guidance instead of bribes and threats. Parenting is hard and you don’t have to go through it alone!

Get the support you need


free community

  • Meet other parents who share your struggles and joys while raising little humans
  • FREE positive parenting resources
  • Expert interviews and other FREE events
  • A judgement-free community


  • Monthly Class focused on positive parenting, where you will learn why your child acts the way they do, their developmental stage as well as effective positive discipline tools for challenging behaviour. The class ends with group coaching, lasting a total of 2h every month and takes place live online (on Zoom) so you can join from your home. These are very experiential classes where everyone participates.
  • Ongoing professional support for your individual family struggles on the members-only facebook group so you can get the help you need from a certified parent educator throughout the month
  • Access to the Parenting Self-Help Tool so you can get unstuck quickly in your parenting struggles
  • Both parents included
  • Cancel at any time

InTENSIVE coaching

  • 8 x Weekly Classes where we focus not only on positive parenting and childhood development (so you know how to guide your child and deal with challenging behaviour), but also on self-growth and self-regulation, so you learn why you are getting triggered by your child and how to change your automatic reactions, becoming a more mindful parent who is able to respond to your child without letting your emotions be in charge of your parenting. All classes end with group coaching, lasting a total of 2h every week, and take place live online (on Zoom) so you can participate and join us from your home.
  • Ongoing One-on-one support throughout the week per E-mail and messenger so you can get the help you need to fine tune your parenting to your particular family circumstances whenever you need as well as ask all your questions in private.
  • Access to the Parenting Self-Help Tool for quick self-help at any time, guiding you from the problem to the solution with positive discipline tools that you can apply right away.
  • Both parents included

From Tantrums to Cooperation
✨FREE✨ guide

  • The 6 Steps to successfully transform tantrums into cooperation
  • How to self-regulate so you are able to ignore all those staring eyes and nasty remarks and focus on the problem at hand
  • How to help your child through their emotional turmoil, connecting and empathizing while keeping firm parenting boundaries