Changing Parenting Club

Online Membership for Parents of 3 to 6 year olds

is your child between 3 and 6 years old?

Does this sound like you?

You are struggling with:

  • You keep screaming at your child even though you don’t want to
  • You feel constanly tired and exhausted
  • You sometimes use screens (phones, tablets) as a tool to be able to get things done because you don’t know what else to do anymore
  • You sometimes avoid social situations with your child because you find it overwhelming
  • You sometimes avoid going with your child to public spaces like the supermarket because you fear public tamtruns
  • You are tired of feeling judged and not good enough
  • You feel like at the end of the day you are already out of patience for anyone else
  • You are going crazy with the tantrums and your child’s strong will
  • You wobble between being very strict (“you will do what I say or else”) and giving in (“just do what you want, I’m too tired for this”)
  • You often give in to your child’s tantrums because you are overwhelmed and don’t know what else to do
  • You feel like your child doesn’t listen to you
  • You sometimes feel like nothing really works with your strong willed child and you don’t know what to do anymore
  • You wonder whether you are doing a good job as a parent, you feel overwhelmed with parenting, unsupported and misunderstood

And instead you want:

  • You want more cooperation from your child
  • You want easy parenting that keeps your sanity and fosters your child’s healthy emotional growth
  • You want more love and connection with your child instead of conflict and fighting
  • You don’t want to be a screaming parent
  • You want to enjoy these magic and short years of parenting a little kid
  • You want to feel understood and supported and part of a community of like-minded parents
  • You don’t want your child to fear you
  • You want your child to act out of internal motivation instead of seeking external validation
  • You want help and guidance without judgement so you can be the parent that you long to be
  • You want your child to feel like they can always come to you for help and support because they trust you
  • You want to feel more relaxed and have a more peaceful home
  • You want to enjoy family outings more

Changing Parenting club

get the support you need

1 x month

Gentle Parenting Class

Through experiential exercises in the monthly online live class, you will have the opportunity to step into your child’s shoes, understand how they think and why they act the way they do, learn about their developmental stage and how to talk so little kids listen,
You will also learn effective positive discipline tools adapted for small children, that are both kind and firm, and will allow you to build a strong parent-child bond while setting boundaries, so you can be the parent that you aspire to be and support your child’s social emotional growth.

1 x month

Group Parenting Coaching

Professional parenting coaching in a monthly online live group session, where we focus on concrete solutions for the biggest parenting challenge that the group is experiencing in their homes, using effective positive discipline tools that you can apply right away in your home.


Individualized Support

Individualized professional parenting support as often as you need throughout the month in the supporting community of the members-only facebook group.
Address the specific challenges that you are facing with your child with the help of a certified parent educator, so you can fine tune your parenting to your specific circumstances, needs and to your particular child.
And for quick help at any time, you will also have access to the self-help parenting tool, in the membership area of the website, that will help you target the source of the challenging behaviour and point you to the solution with just a few clicks.


For only 50€/month

** No V.A.T. applies according to § 19 UStG  **

  • Parenting Class (1 x Month)
  • Group Coaching (1 x Month)
  • Ongoing Individualized support (ask questions and get help from a certified parent educator for your specific family challenges as often as you need throughout the month in our Members-only Facebook group)
  • Parenting Self-help tool for quick help at any time
  • Both parents included
  • A supporting and non-judgemental community of parents of little kids, just like you, going through the same challenges
  • Both the monthly parenting class and the group coaching session are Online livestreamed (on Zoom) so you can join from the comfort of your home.
  • Experiential and Interactive (everyone participates)
  • Access to recordings of past classes and coaching sessions
HI, I’m cristina!

I’m an imperfect parent just like you….

As a mom of a preschooler myself, I know how hard parenting is. I know how hard it is not to loose my temper, how it is to feel like I am a bad mother, how overwhelming it is to deal with other people’s judgement and opinions. I know because I am also a parent, because I am also an imperfect human, we all are.

I feel you, I’m also not perfect, I know how it is to feel judged as a parent of a small child. So I will never judge you or tell you how to raise your own child. I will support you through your good and through your less proud parenting moments. I will show you that being imperfect is not only human, but actually an important skill to model to your child.

You don’t need to be a Perfect Parent or a Zen Master to Gentle Parent

Every step in the right direction makes a difference

Being a parent is not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best you can 51% of the time! And with a little bit of help you can become the parent you want to be and raise your child through love and guidance instead of bribes and threats. Parenting is hard and you don’t have to go through it alone!

You want to help your child navigate this world through love and connection. AND you are also human and those tantrums and strong will are driving you insane. You don’t know what to do anymore.

On top of that, you are tired of people judging you, especially other moms, “how can a mom judge another mom?” you think, “it’s such a hard job as it is already”.

People judge you as a bad parent if you scream at your child and they also say you are spoiling your child if you don’t punish them. It seems like there is no way of pleasing people.

Let me tell you: There isn’t!

People will judge you no matter what you do

You will never please everyone because we are all different human beings with different ways of thinking and visions of the world. No matter what you do, you will be judged by someone because there will be at least one person out there that thinks differently and feels the need to let you know either “to help you” or to make themselves feel better about their own choices.

So choose to be judged for doing what you believe in!

Time passes so fast. Do you really want to spend the precious short time you have with your little kid fighting and screaming? Soon you will no longer be your child’s favourite person, soon they won’t want to play legos with you, soon they will start closing their bedroom door and asking to be left alone, soon you will be missing all those little hugs. These days with a little kid will go by fast, spend them connecting with your child, spend them enjoying being a parent of a little one who loves you more than anything in the world (as my son says: “mom I love you more than ice-cream”). Soon these days will be gone, make sure you are treasuring them and creating the right memories.

Trust your instincts, science is on your side, your child isn’t a brat or deceitful or whatever other negative adjectives people keep calling them.

Your child is acting as expected for their developmental stage. And they need support, they need to learn how to identify and deal with their emotions in a healthy way, they need support navigating the complicated world of social interactions, they need your guidance because you know them the best and there is no one in the world that loves them more than you do!

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being proud of your parenting 51% of the time.

You need to understand the needs behind the behaviour in order to

Get your child to cooperate!

Parenting small children is very rewarding AND it’s also very challenging.

Preschoolers are so sweet and loving that we just want to be the best version of ourselves to them. AND they are prone to tantrums that drive us crazy and make us wanna react like kids ourselves.

Understanding the iceberg below your child’s behaviour is the key to properly respond to the parenting challenges that you are facing.

It is imperative to learn about childhood development and what your child’s limits and developmental abilities are so that you can understand your child’s behaviour, what they are really capable of as well as what is unrealistic to expect of a small child.

Based on adlerian psychology and neuroscience, positive discipline helps you understand the needs behind your child’s behaviour and how to address them using effective tools that encourage positive behaviour and set healthy boundaries and rules in a kind, respectful way that support your child’s emotional growth and invite cooperation.

As you parent more through love and guidance instead of bribes and punishments, you will notice that your child cooperates more, has less tantrums, acts out of intrinsic motivation instead of external validation or fear, and that both you and your child are more calm and attuned to each other. You will feel more connected to your child and more confident in guiding your child through their emotional turmoils and challenging behaviour using support and guidance while keeping your sanity.

Joining the Changing Parenting Club will help you be both the kind AND firm parent you want to be, enjoy the precious time you have with your little kid and foster a loving and deep connection that will not only support your child’s healthy development but will also create a more relaxing and peaceful state of mind for yourself.

Join the Changing Parenting Club and

Become the parent you want to be!

  • Get your child to cooperate without using threats, bribes, punishments, rewards or screaming. Learn how to encourage internal motivation through love and connection instead of relying on external validation, fear, shame and distancing, so you can foster positive behaviour that lasts (and your child behaves even if you are not present).
  • Guide your child through challenging behaviour by helping them understand what they are feeling and how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. Learn positive parenting tools specific for young children who still don’t completely master impulse control or understand their emotions. Give your child social emotional learning skills that will help them throughout their whole life.
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries and impose firm limits while being kind, empathic and supportive. Learn an array of positive discipline tools that actually work in real life situations and that you can apply right away in your home to address challenging behaviour.
  • Learn how to effectively talk with your child in a way they really listen and pay attention
  • Model a growth mindset and self-compassion to your child and teach them how to make amends. Learn why it’s not only normal to be an imperfect parent who makes mistakes, but actually an important part of role modeling for your children and why being a good parent 51% of the time instead of having an all or nothing approach to parenting will make you a better parent in a more peaceful and relaxed home.
  • Create a long-lasting connection based on trust and support, so your child always feels safe coming to you first in case they are in trouble as they grow.
  • Learn how respectful parenting not only raises children who respect others but who also expect to be respected, fostering healthy relationships throughout their lives and boosting your child’s self-worth.
  • Receive non-judgemental support and connect with other parents that are all imperfect and doing the best they can
  • Join us from the comfort of your home in online livestreamed sessions where you can participate and ask questions
See what others are saying

100% found it HELPFUL

I see things differently. I love these changes because they help me build a strong bond with my kids.
My favourite part was being the child and feeling the command that we do with our children.
It is very useful for parents to understand the issue to better prepare themselves for tough situations
I find it very important that the class is focused on young children, because it’s often very difficult to reach out to them since they’re at an age where they want to do everything their own way.
I really appreciated that Cristina always had answers to our doubts and situations
A mom
The most impactful part for me was the sharing between parents.
Tais Afonso
I learned ways to deal with the situation and solutions.
The biggest takeway for me was “Don’t force child”. 
I recommend these sessions to other parents because these classes are based on sharing experiences of different people.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Preschoolers (children aged 3 to 6).

The positive parenting resources shared in the Changing Parenting Club apply to children of every age and will benefit every family, although we will focus on parenting challenges faced by families with children in Preschool age.

So, although you will definitely still benefit from the club and are of course welcome to join us, you might not find all the content relevant to your family.

Yes this is a purely virtual club and all classes and coaching sessions are held online in livestream on Zoom and are very experiencial (everyone participates). This means you can join from wherever you are.

All Classes and coaching sessions take place on weekdays at 9 AM CET (convert here to your time zone). The exact dates are announced in advance.

Yes, all classes are recorded so, if for some reason you are unable to attend a class or coaching session, you will be able to watch the replay.

The recordings are only made available to the members of the Changing Parenting Club.

I know how it is. As a mom I feel like my day should have 72 hours. There are days I feel like a walking zombie. And there’s so much that is constantly required of us as parents, so much to do and definitely not enough time. I get it…

AND your kid is going to grow up soon. The sooner you start connecting to your child and really being the parent you want to be, the bigger the impact you will have on your child’s social emotional growth and the closer the connection you will have. Not to mention the impact it will have on yourself, on your sanity and on how you feel as a parent.

Of course I don’t know your life and you know yourself and your family situation the best. But maybe there are other things in your life that you could hold off for a while so you can make this choice to focus on your parenting and on your relationship with your child RIGHT NOW. So you can start parenting the way you want to NOW, create the relationship with your child that you want to have and cherish these precious years.

Because time passes so fast right?

And they say that 75% of all the time you will ever spend with your child will take place before they turn 12.

The Gentle Parenting Club is only 2 live meetings a month, you can join us online from your home, and even if you can’t attend live, you can always watch the recordings whenever it fits your family schedule and at your own rhythm.

And, most importantly, the ongoing individualized support is done per messenger so I will be there to guide and support you with your specific parenting challenges throughout the month and you can write me at your own rhythm, between all your other tasks throughout the day.

All Classes are very experiential because, as you might have already seen with your own kids and even with yourself, we learn better by doing than by hearing about it.

So these are not pre-recorded lectures, these are live experiential classes where you will learn by participating, not by me talking.

Yes, throughout the month you will get personalized help from me in the members only Facebook Group as often as you need.

You can also bring your parenting challenge to the monthly group coaching session for deeper support.

And for quick self help. you can use the Parenting Self-Help Tool at any time, available exclusively for the members of the Club,

Yes, both parents are included in the membership and are welcomed to participate in all activities of the club including the classes, coaching sessions, facebook group and self-help parenting tool,

The Changing Parenting Club benefits the whole family.

In the parenting classes, parents learn why their children behave and react the way they do, what are children actually developmentally capacble of, as well as how to effectively communicate with small children, so that they are able to set healthy boundaries and parent in a respectful and loving way, while building a strong parent-child bond.

Additionally, in the coaching sessions, as well as through the ongoing individualized support on the facebook group, parents receive concrete solutions to the specific problems that they are facing at home with their children, using preschool behaviour guidance tools and positive discipline resources specific for small children,

Another very important component of the club is the preschool parent network where parents feel supported and understood by other parents who share the same struggles.

Children in turn will benefit from having calmer, more atune parents who are able to help and guide them through their emotional challenges in a kind and supporting way while giving them the safety of healthy boundaries.

Parenting is hard and It’s even harder when you and your co-parent are not on the same page when it comes to parenting.

But remember that you can’t change other people, you can only change yourself.

So the best way to convince your co-parent into gentle parenting is to practice it yourself and show them that it works.

You have the power to change your family life but you need to take action and have the courage to do what you think it’s right,

I know the feeling. I also felt like that…

When I started gentle parenting I often thought to myself. “I am not made for this, I have a short fuse, I’m not patient like my mom or my husband, I can’t control my emotions, Oh my god am I bound to become a screaming mom? Am I becoming the type of mom I always said I wouldn’t be?”

Well I am proof that anyone can do it… And it’s not going to be always easy and you will never be a perfect parent because you are only human, and by definition imperfect.

But it’s not about being perfect. Your child doesn’t need a perfect parent (actually they benefit from you modeling imperfection, but that’s another talk).

What your child needs from you is connection and unconditional love.

And you love your child more than anything in the world so you are already on the right track.

Any step you take to parent through connection, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

And you don’t need to figure it out alone. I’m here to support you. The Gentle Parenting Club is a supporting village and all members are in the same journey as you.

You will get charged immediately when you join the Club and then every month onwards until you cancel.

You can be cancel your membership at any time from your membership dashboard, which you can access by logging into the members area of this Website.

Please write it below. I will answer you directly to your email address as soon as possible.

You don’t have to do it alone!

Get all the support you need throughout the month

  • We meet twice a month online on Zoom: once for our experential parenting class and once for our group coaching session
  • These are not lectures on how to be a perfect parent because there are no perfect parents and I’m not the expert on your children, you are! All activities are experential (everyone participates) because we all learn better by doing than by being told.
  • In the Parenting Class you will participate in fun experiential exercises where you’ll step into your child’s shoes and experience first hand how they feel, think and make their decisions.
  • You will learn effective positive discipline tools. that are both kind and firm, and which you can apply right away in your home and see immediate changes, so that you don’t need to resort to screaming, punishments or bribes.
  • Then, in the group coaching session you will learn how to apply positive parenting to real life situations. We will focus on tackling the biggest behavioral challenge that the group is experiencing in their homes, using real life practical tools.
  • Additionally, throughout the whole month, you will be able to ask questions and receive individualized support from a certified parent educator in the supporting community of our members-only facebook group, so you can fine tune your parenting responses to your family’s specific challenges, your particular circunstances and your particular child.
  • And for fast help at any time of the day, you can use the parenting self-help tool, available in the members area of the website, that will steer you in the right direction with just a few clicks.
  • Most importantly, you will be a part of a group of parents that are going through the same journey you are so, so whenever you’re struggling or feeling stuck, you have a supportive community lifting you up and reminding you that we are all in the same boat, just doing the best we can!